Happily Ever After! Sheldon's Heart-Melting Wedding With His Partner Of 15 Years!


Yes, you read it right. The guy who we thought had no feelings, who always went with science, just got married. And he did so away from the press. The guy that came into our lives 10 years ago, Jim Parsons, aka Dr. Sheldon Cooper, got married to the love of his love. They've been together for 15 years and this relationship definitely deserved a marriage!

Just 10 years ago, one of the most original, colorful, and "strange" characters came into our lives on the television screen: Dr. Sheldon Cooper!


In a short period of time, a huge fan base grew. The character who took The Big Bang Theory to the top, and who marketed the geek culture with his own words and personality, continues to rock the show and make us laugh.

The talented actor, Jim Parsons, who gave life to this amazing character is also personally very interesting; He wasn't like what we'd seen. He had nothing in common with the character he was playing.

He was 35 when The Big Bang Theory started, for example!

In contrast to Sheldon's character: his past was full of failures!

At the age of 35, Jim lived in debt and had a really difficult life until he got on the show and he only had one supporter: His boyfriend!

Todd Spiewak was the only person who wouldn't let go of Jim Parsons even in the toughest times.

Yes, Jim Parsons is a homosexual. He never felt he should hide it at all!

Perhaps we were surprised that he was gay because we thought of him as a character who wouldn't be romantic toward a woman or a man.


Because Sheldon is asexual! Feelings like "love" or "affection" are for "weak" people; The only truth is science!

A day came and his luck turned around: Jim Parsons, who couldn't find a job and had no money to buy food, received the title of the world's most winning gay actor.


It is said that he gets exactly $1 million per episode.

Jim was at least as passionate and loyal as his lover Todd; Success and money never disrupted their relationships.


They were together during bad and good days. They never let go of each other. He never hid him; never felt like he should.

In this 15-year relationship, there was already been a wedding expectation after the legalization of gay marriages in the past years!


It's Penny who's taking their photographs. :)

The families had already known each other, the couple was living together and they participated in every activity together.


His mother, Jim Parsons and Todd ... And the reward he got as if they got it together! :) Wonderful!

The great news was heard from Parsons Instagram account last night!

As an actor who doesn't like to come around with his private life, the press didn't know of this wedding.

The wedding took place in New York, at the lovely Rainbow Room.


When asked why he didn't get married until now, Parsons said, "I guess we are already used to living like this." It was obvious he'd planned his wedding with care!

They wore amazing tuxedos and the flowers they had matched each other's.


Plain and fashionable!

The Big Bang Theory crew participated in the wedding but no one leaked any photos to social media because they were asked not to use their phones at the wedding. :)


Amy, that is, Mayim Bialik, said that "there were no smartphones in the air, it was a simple and beautiful experience where everyone experienced the moment."

We wish you a happy maried life!


May you be together forever

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