For The Ones Who Want A Very Fresh Start: The Heaven By The Lighthouse In Scotland!


If you currently share your flat with others and you have had enough, please join me. This house is just for you! If you have the money...


This house near, Rua Reidh Lighthouse in north west of Scottish Highlands, is for sale.

Let's make one thing clear: the lighthouse is not for sale. Well, if you were thinking about it, sorry.

Instead, the cute house next to the lighthouse is for sale. Away from civilization, by the sea with a great view of Skye Island. This perfect house is a bit expensive.

To be honest, it is $560k.

This lonely house is located on Wester Ross beach. If you had enough of people, this place is perfect for you.

It is divided in two; a 5 bedroom house and a 3 bedroom apartment. For your whole family.

By the way, the view is amazing. You start the day with the smell of the sea and sounds of the ocean instead of the grey, gloomy city.

You can see any type of sea creature.

As a result, if you have enough money and you want to live an isolated life, this is an option for you.

What can we say... Money talks.

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