Ever Wondered How 2749 Will Be? This Dude Says He Went To The Future!

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Time traveling is one of the most controversial topics that many think is impossible. There have been movies and series exploring the theme of time travel, but there have also been many conspiracy theories. In this piece, we will introduce one of the characters of conspiracy theories who claims that he went to the future and can tell you how our world will look in 2749.

Al Bielek was born in 1927 and what makes him interesting is his claim that he has time-traveled.


Bielek, who was captured during Montauk Experiments and used for many experiments including psychological war techniques and time traveling, says that he also participated in the Philadelphia Experiment.

He says that after he jumped from the USS Eldridge ship, which weighs 1240 tons and also used in an experiment, he experienced strange events and traveled through time with his brother.

What he says about the future:


He says that he and his brother were hospitalized for 6 weeks in the future due to injury caused by radiation.

He also adds that future medicine relies and focuses on light-based and vibration treatments and that the TV programs are all educative or news-worthy.

He states that after the year 2025, lots of changes will take place in the Earth's geographical structure. He mentions that he learned this from such programs and that the coasts of USA and Europe look very different than do today.

He also claims that the governments of the United States and Canada fully collapses during those times.


He reports that there will be regional military rules, and no longer any kind of central government mentality. Another claim he makes is that the world population will drop to 300 million, and the US's population below 50 million.

He goes on to say that the magnetic poles of our planet will also change. Over time, artificial pole regions will be built and the change will be undone.

One of his striking claims is actually about today.


He says that certain problems arose between 2003-2005 and that the new world order has started to take control of the world; but that this situation was eliminated by a gradually and slowly developing war. He adds that one side in this was is Russia and China, and the other side includes USA and Europe.

He also stated that some cities in the US will be completely destroyed as a result of this war, which will also cause a total downfall of the new world order. Let us remind you that he said all of these before the 2000s.

Moreover, he said that the US has the technology that cleans the nuclear waste damage of the WWIII in only a couple of days.


The structure of cities will also change. Some cities will be on the ground, while some others will be flying/floating in the air. These flying cities can be transported to any point in the world.

He added that there is a floating crystal structure that is the responsible system for all kinds of functions. There will be also no countries left in the world, according to him.

Additionally, the society will adopt a fully socialist system and everybody's basic needs will be met.

After this 2-year long visit, Bielek and his brother were sent back to our present day.


Yes, it is difficult to believe what he said, but it surely appeals to the fans of conspiracy theories. What do you think regarding this subject? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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