Awkward Moments That Will Make You Feel Embarrassed


You'll feel glad that these things happened to someone else.


1. "Let's go into European union together"

2. A real life drama

3. How to both ruin and save a wedding

4. New Zealand's Prime Minister nailing it

5. That moment of freeze

6. "Fly away dove... Fly for peace"

7. Not everyone can Van Damme

8. "Don't make me laugh. I'll never fall"

9. How will I tell this to mum

10. Bro fist bro... Bro..? Bro!!

11. A little too much enthusiasm

12. I could be a wrestler to!!!!


13. "Please.. Just.. Kill me"

14. That dance

Not the middle guy. Look at right

15. It's the worst day to be a bag

16. Never turn your back on who supported you

17. Me when I see my crush

18. Tutorial gone wrong

19. Henry was allergic to high fives turning into slaps

20. "Someone get me outta here"
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