A Mum Is Called Selfish After Posting Photo A Mountainload Of Presents!


A mum-of-three has faced with outrage after posting a photo of a huge pile of presents under her Christmas tree.

38-year-old Emma Tapping shared a photo of her Christmas tree hidden by huge mound of presents.

Only the very top of the Christmas tree is visible from behind the gigantic present pile.

She previously told that she can spend thousands of pounds on hundreds of presents for her children.

When she shared the photo with her 15,000 followers on Instagram, she faced with outrage.

People branded her 'selfish' and thought that this is disgusting.

One person said: "So many people have nothing you should donate them." and added "Personally I think this is ridiculous who needs this many it's just selfish."

Another wrote: "Pretty sure you're losing sight of what Christmas is actually about with all those gifts.

"Might just be because I have 11 under my tree, but this photo is just disgusting."

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