9 Important Tips To Keep Conversations Going!


I don't know if you are anything like me, but what I know is that I hate casual chats. I could go on for hours on a specific subject, but when it comes to small talk, I don't have any idea about what to bring up.

Think about this: you go somewhere with someone you have just met, or you go somewhere with a friend to meet your friend's friends that you don't know. What would you talk about? How long can you go before the awkward silence hits you? And more importantly, would you be chilled or stressed out in such a situation?

If you don't like small talk or are not good at it, check out these helpful tips!

1. Show interest in what the other person says.


Or else you will be misunderstood; and even if nobody gets it wrong, they will think that you aren't interested and therefore that conversation will get stuck and not continue anymore.

2. Encourage your interlocutor to tell you something about themselves.


Everybody LOVES talking about themselves. This will give you an important advantage in keeping the conversation going.

3. Ask open-ended questions.


The problem with yes/no questions is that they can be answered by one word only.This will again cause problems in keeping the conversation going. You can explore new themes by asking open-ended questions and one topic is more likely to lead to another.

4. Let your interlocutor teach you something!


It is sometimes possible that we don't have any idea whatsoever about what the other person is talking about. In situations like this, instead of trying to change the subject, just admit that you don't know much about that particular topic and ask them to explain you. When people think that they have taught someone something, they feel happy and enjoy the conversation more.

5. Keep yourself posted about recent events.


10-15 minutes a day is more than enough. Just look through newspapers or social media and inform yourself about whatever is going on. You don't have to be able to talk about legislation changes, but you can always bring up fun news items.

6. Share short stories.


If you have a story that is a suitable subject matter, go ahead and tell it. In this way, you will bond with those people!

7. Be honest and admit you don't like making small talk.


If you decide to go with this, make sure that you have backup topics you can start a more specific conversation with. You can get the other person interested by asking general questions about their life and then carry the conversation to more specific areas!

8. Tell something that will make your interlocutor feel good.


People like those who make them feel better naturally and enjoy spending more time with such people. If you pay a couple of compliments, the chat will be much more fun and the ice will be broken. :)

9. Don't worry too much. Know that the other person feels the same.


You don't have to make a big deal out of this or worry about if you will say something stupid or if you are boring your conversation partner. I bet they also feel the same way. That's why you should just relax and start implementing the tips mentioned here. The meaningless chats you have to have with people you don't know will be much more enjoyable and fun. Try and see for yourself!

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