5 Band Musicians Who Are Also Film Composers Will Make Your Jaw Drops!


The band musician can turn out to be a great composer and it is not a single for a movie. It's about legit composing the music that plays throughout an entire movie. Here 5 musicians who became incredible film composers!

1. Jonny Greenwood

We don't know if you love them or hate them, Radiohead has a massive presence across a couple of decades.

Jonny Greenwood is one of the band’s lead players. 

Not only is he the guitarist, but he often arranges the orchestral elements of the band’s songs.

Despite of his music career, he has a film composing career.

There are massive movies in there like There Will be BloodThe Master, and Phantom Thread

He even received an Academy Award nomination for Phantom Thread.

2. Daft Punk

The techno duo picked a hell of a movie for their film composing debut: Tron: Legacy.

3. Trent Reznor

Besides of being a phomenal composer, Trent Reznor is also the frontman for Nine Inch Nails.

His most famous film collaborations have been with David Fincher.

The duo worked on movies like The Social Network The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Gone Girl, but he’s done way more than that.

4. Gustavo Santaolalla

In America, he isn’t the most well-known name, but the Argentinian guitarist was part of several bands in his home country.

He became the third composer in the history of the Academy Awards to win for Best Original Score two years in a row.

He won them for Brokeback Mountain and Babel.

5. Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman was part of a band called Oingo Boingo and it was actually fairly famous.

But the prolific musician turned into a composer.

While he has worked on fewer projects than Mark Mothersbaugh, he has something Mothersbaugh doesn’t: Academy Award nominations.

And those nominations aren’t obscure, they include Good Will HuntingMen in BlackBig Fish, and Milk. And those first two were both nominated the same year.

He also composed the theme music for The Simpsons.

He not only composed all of the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas but also played the singing part of Jack Skellington too.

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