35 Mental Reasons Of Physical Illnesses You Probably Didn’t Know


Do you think our bodies are alive?

The mental problems we go through, demoralization, anger issues or concentration problems. Do these only knock our souls or do they physically damage our bodies also?

Don't forget that the problems you deal with inside, such as sadness or uneasiness not only make you mentally  unhealthy but physically as well.

In short, the little or small injuries and accidents are some kinds of reactions and complaints of our bodies. 

Here are the things that you need to know about the most common health problems and the things our bodies try to communicate.

1. Allergies

Who are you actually allergic to? Ignoring one’s own strength. (the body takes over the control and shows how serious is the issue is if you think you’re not getting along with someone and making it a big deal).

2. Inappetence

Giving up on your own life. Hating yourself, being excessively worried, rejecting yourself.  If you have fears towards life and do not like your self, its pretty normal to feel inappetence)

3. Overweight

Getting afraid of life. Feeling the need of protection from getting hurt, being insulted, being criticized or sex. Running away from emotions. Lack of self-confidence Looking for some kind of a satisfaction.

4. Fever

Caustic anger. (If you experience excessive anger in your life, it is normal to get fevers often)

5. Headache

Self-criticism, fear. Lacking of self-respect.

6. Dizziness

Being unstable and scatterbrained. Refusing to look careful and see things.

7. Stye

Being angry all the time. Being mad at someone. (If you get angry at someone specific all the time, you will not be able to see their good sides. It is also important which eye you have the stye on. If it's your right eye; male energy, left; female energy)

8. Fainting

Fear. Running away from life. Not being able to control yourself.

9. Forgeting things

Fear. Running away from life. Not being able to control yourself.

10. Grey Hair

Anxiety, frustration. Feeling pressured.

11. Sore throat

Not being able to explain yourself with your own words. Restricted creativity.

(Think about it, whenever you can’t express yourself when you’re angry about something you have a sore throat. people who have chronic sore throats are the ones who can’t express themselves)

12. Tonsillitis

Fear, suppressed emotions, limited creativity, not being able to do what you want to do.

13. Neck pain

Being closed-minded, stubbornness (It’s pretty normal to have neck pains if you don’t have different perspectives in life)

14. Bronchitis

Stressful family environment, arguments and fights, sometimes silent wars.

15. Runny nose

Crying inside. Appealing for help.

16. Nosebleed

Feeling the need of recognition and acceptance. Desire for love, feeling ignored.

17. Nasal congestion

Denying your self-value.

18. Bleeding gums

Not being happy with the decisions you have made in your life.

19. Eczema

Developing a grudge. Mental explosions.

20. Gastritis

Continuous uncertainty and worry.

21. Indigestion

Fear, anxiety, and complaining.

22. Diarrhea

Fear, denial, escaping.

23. Stutter

Insecurity, being inarticulate. Being forced to be silent as a child when you wanted to cry.

24. Cuts

Punishing yourself for not respecting your own rules.

25. Cysts

Thinking and going through your painful history over and over. Feeding pain. ( If you’re someone who lives in the past, there could be a cysts on the organ which is represents the past sadnesses)

26. Tinnitus

Refusing to listen. Not listening the inner voice, being stubborn.

27. Ear ache

Anger, rejecting to hear. Fighting with parents.

28. Vomiting

Being so angry that you can't even talk. Not being frank. Anger towards the authority.

29. Migraine

The desire to be flawless and putting stress over yourself. Suppressed anger. Sexual fears.

30. Stomach problems

Big fear, fright. Being afraid over and over again.

31. Ulcer

Fear, believing that you are not good enough, continuously trying to please others.

32. Cough

Lusting after being recognized.

33. Back pains

Having material and nonmaterial demands from life. Lower back; being worried about financial issues. Middle back; feeling guilty. Upper back ; looking for emotional support. Being in need of feeling loved. Thus, not loving yourself.

34. Injuries

Being mad at yourself. (we usually get injured when we are angry)

35. Wetting the bed

Being afraid of parents. (especially dads). Physical or mental fear.

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