34 People Who are Better then Pets at Sleeping Awkwardly Cute


Before proceeding below you'll find some examples of pets sleeping in cute positions (And yes they are awkward). After that humans who are even weirder are following. Probably sleeping like that caused some problems in their anatomies.

This is a dog. They usually sleep like this. This is cute

Cats are a little bit more off-beat

They are the masters of weird sleeping positions

You'd probably wake up dead after this

1. And there are some human clones of those

2. For them sleeping is an art

3. No place will interrupt their profession

4. They even sacrifice their brains for it

5. or other body parts

6. They become water, friend

7. They can do it anywhere anytime

8. They do not complain about lack of resources

9. These are the type of people we are dealing with

10. Who would fall into sleep while buying some chips

11. He'll wake up with a bad scent

12. For them every object has multiple uses

13. Just 30 seconds after bragging about not being able to sleep

14. Here we are seeing an engineer

15. This one is... This one is just WTF

16. Classes are their favorite places

17. They are hardworking people

18. This one was actually breakdancing

19. He fell asleep while trying to re enact Street Fighters car smash stage

20. Sometimes they do form groups

21. They always manage to find perfect places

22. They do not need a sleeping bad

23. Just like his father

24. This is not your favorite worker

25. This one defies gravity

26. All those chasing games made them exhausted

27. He is luck enough to find a seat

28. Breaking the law

29. Now you know why libraries are their favorite places

30. Just like a renaissance painting

31. Physics? No they don't use it

32. A piece of contemporary art

33. Depicting the end of humanity

34. This is just a kid being a kid

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