30 Close-Ups That Will Change Your Perspective Forever!


It’s always fascinating to stop and look at the tiny things around for us to realize how beautiful the world is. Things get more interesting as we see them closer. Thanks to close-up works of photographers, we can see how detailed and mesmerizing our world is!

1. The human eye looks like a burning forest

2. Needle and Bee-sting

3. Beard hair.. Left one was cut by a razor, right by an electric shaver

4. Hand of a 44 year-old orangutan

5. 20 American dollars

6. Ladybug after the rain

7. Eye of a llama

8. Cat’s tongue

9. Ant carrying its larva

10. Sand grains on a finger

11. Frozen glass

12. Human eye

13. Peacock feather

14. Ant and a water drop

15. Tadpole

16. Spider cleaning its teeth

17. Fingerprint

18. Type of a fungal spore

19. Velcro

20. Type of a fly

21. Snowflake

22. Dandelion (The one you blow)

23. Tobacco


24. Butterfly

25. Pen tip

26. Salt and Pepper

27. Frozen glass

28. Eye of a green tree python

29. Color contact lenses

30. LCD display

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