26 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Adopt A Squirrel


Squirrels are some lazy-ass, sometimes overly hyped, super cute animals. If you are not already convinced to adopt them then you should check our list.

1. Even their laziness is cute

2. They are full of love

3. They share their love

4. Sometimes a little bit too much

5. They are loving, caring parents

6. Your cat is not an excuse

7. Dogs are also cool with them

8. They are addicted to fun

9. They have a better confused face than cats and dogs

10. They love food

11. They are ridicolously photogenic. Look at that cutie!

12. They will inspire you to exercise

13. They fail a lot

14. They are perfect listeners

15. Theye are there for you when feel alone

16. It's just they sometimes might get a bit aggressive

17. They are the perfect teamplayers

18. They care about their surroundings

19. They never waste anything

20. Not even your food

21. They never give up!

22. They like being together

23. They might be wild but they'll adapt

24. Just try to be friends with them

25. They might get overly attached

26. .. or you might

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