23 Insane Cloud Formations From Around The World!


Watching clouds pass by in the sky is a peaceful thing. Probably once or twice in your lifetime, you've tried guessing the shapes of the clouds and what they represent. The following photographs show the most interesting and insane cloud formations you'll see in your lifetime!


Source: https://matadornetwork.com/bnt/60-insane...

1. "God in the Clouds," Mt. Baker, Washington

August, 2008

2. Roll cloud, Punta del Este, Uruguay

January, 2009

3. Lenticular arcs, Seattle

4. Altocumulus, Layton, NJ

5. Mammatus storm, Norman, OK

6. Waterspout, Balearic Islands, Spain

7. Shelf cloud, Wagga Wagga, Australia

8. Fog bow, Sydney, Australia

9. Lenticular funnel, Palm Springs, CA

10. Morning glories, Queensland, Australia

11. Mammatus, Manhattan

12. Altocumulus from the ISS

13. Shelf cloud, Cape Cod, MA

14. Lenticular UFO, Patagonia

15. Cumulonimbus, Nelson, BC

July, 2012

16. Lenticulars, Mt. Rainier, Washington

17. Nacreous clouds, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

18. Shelf cloud, North Dakota

19. Mammatus over Quebec

20. Roll cloud hang glider, Queensland, Australia

21. Asperatus formation, Canterbury, New Zealand

22. Mammatus clouds, Ft. Worth, TX

23. Lenticular cloud, Mt. Fuji, Japan

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