21 Examples of Cinemagraphs You Won't Want To Stop Looking At


Cinemagraphs are a means of combining both a video and a photo in the same frame. While one of the elements in the frame moves constantly, the rest stays still and stable. It is impossible not to look at these moving photos for a long time, which are used frequently in social media and ads. Here are the successful cinamagraph examples we found on Buzzfeed! 😍

1. Beach drummer

2. Blue

3. Birds

4. Brighton Pier

5. Diving in

6. River side

7. Enemies

8. Glitter and smoke

9. Horse hears

10. Modern Café

11. Newspaper

12. Not fun at all

13. Running laps

14. Skateboard flip

15. Smoky eyes

16. Smoking man

17. Sunset swing

18. Special power

19. Painter

20. XOX

21. Time machine

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