21 Blonde EXes Of Leonardo Di Caprio!


Dear Leo fans out there! We do not want to upset you, but Leo has a problem when it comes to dating. He is constantly repeating himself with his dating profile. As you read the list, you'll notice the revolving pattern of flings, blondes, supermodels...

These are the constants of Leonardo's love life. It's quite interesting though, as Leo hasn't changed a bit since he was 18 years old! 😂

Well, here's the list of Leonardo's previous girlfriends!

1. Kate Moss

It is 1993 and we're in New York! Kate and Leo met when Leo was only 20 years old. No one was serious about this relationship.

2. Bridget Hall

It is 1994 now, but is not serious again. These two probably dated because Leo is super into blonde models.

3. Brittany Daniel

Leo had a brief relationship with the actress Brittany Daniel, whom he met at the set of the movie "The Basketball Diaries."

4. Claire Danes

These two dated for about a year.

5. Kristen Zang

Leo fell for Kristen Zang in 1996. This was one of his longest relationships of Leo at that time.

6. Natasha Henstridge

It is 1997 now, and Leo is still dating Kristen Zang. However, his name and Natasha's started to be called together for a short time. Natasha was a model back then, and now she is pursuing her career as an actress.

7. Amber Valletta

Rumor has it that Leo saw Amber in a magazine one day and managed to find her through his contacts. You might easily guess what happened after that😉

8. Bijou Phillips

Leo met Bijou at a party he attended in 1998. Bijou got lucky after she got involved with Leo. She started acting and then started dating Elijah Wood after she auditioned for her first movie.😅

9. Eva Herzigova

It is said that Leo and Eva had a short affair for a month. Eva was married at that time, so this way, Leo had a married blonde woman on his blonde lovers list.

10. Gisele Bündchen

Leo started dating the supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2003. The couple had an on-and-off relationship for over 5 years. Unfortunately, this relationship couldn't handle the drama and broke off.

11. Bar Refaeli

Leonardo's relationship with Bar Rafaeli is quite similar to the relationship he had with Gisele. The only difference is that this one lasted for 6 years.

12. Anne Vyalitsyna

Probably this was a rebound relationship after he broke up with Bar Rafaeli.

13. Ashley Roberts

Pussycat Dolls member Ashley is an another member of the rebound club.

14. Blake Lively

2011... Leonardo and Blake dated for 5 months. Then Leo probably got bored again and these two broke up.

15. Kendal Schuler

The moment he broke up with Lively, Leo started dating the Australian model Kendall Schuler.

16. Erin Heatherton

Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton was another blonde that was caught on Leo's radar.

17. Barbara Palvin

19 year old Barbara Palvin, who previously dated Justin Bieber, couldn't escape from Leo's charm.

18. Toni Garrn

We are tired of counting but it's not over!! Toni Garm, another Victoria's Secret angel, and Leonardo dated for 19 months. We are still not sure if this was a publicity relationship or not. The only defining feature of this relationship is that when these two broke up, Leo was partying with 20 other women in a nightclub in Miami👯👯

19. Kelly Rohrbach

They started dating. They fell in love. They got engaged and then what? Leo happened. Leonardo broke up with Kelly after dating for 8 months.

20. Ela Kawalec

Leonardo was caught with Ella recently but this relationship was nothing but another fling.

21. Nina Agdal

When it comes to Leo's dating profile, we're not surprised about this!!! Nowadays, Leo is dating 24 year old model Nina Agdal. Let's hope that this relationship will be an exception!

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