21 Bizarre-Looking Foods That’ll Make You Say “I’ll Just Have A Salad”

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A lot of people are open to new adventures these days, especially when it comes to food. All those TV shows, Instagram accounts, and self-proclaimed chefs around made us all amateur gourmets. But are you ready to try these weird foods, people? We’re talking about pickled pigs feet here!

1. Piure

A seafood with a coral-like surface. You eat the inside. It tastes like a soapy sea urchin.

2. Pickled pigs feet

Pigs feet that are salted and smoked then preserved in a vinegar brine. It tastes like bologna or ham soaked in vinegar.

3. Pacific geoduck

A giant saltwater clam that looks... phallic, and it tastes like a savory, crunchy, clam.

4. Koolickles

Pickles brined in Kool-Aid powder. It tastes like pickles mixed with Kool-Aid, creating a tart and unique flavor every time.

5. Balmain bug

A slipper lobster, which is a relative of regular lobster, with longer antennae.

6. Decaisnea, aka "dead man's fingers"

A blue, flowering, fruit-like plant. It tastes like gelatinous watermelon.

7. Buddha's hand

A citrusy fruit that tastes like a sweet lemon with a hint of lavender.

8. Huitlacoche, aka "corn smut"

A plant disease that causes fungus to grow on corn. It is used in quesadillas and soup. Tastes like an earthy mushroom.

9. Lato, aka "sea grapes"

An edible algae that is eaten as a snack or in a salad.

10. Finger limes

A citrus-like fruit that is not technically a citrus.

11. Nattō

Traditional Japanese fermented soybeans. Tastes like bitter, slimy soybeans.

12. Durian

A giant fruit with a strong odor and pointy shell. Tastes like an almondy custard. It supposedly smells like turpentine or rotten onions, and the scent is so strong, that it's actually been banned from public transportation in Singapore.

13. Oyster mushrooms

Edible mushrooms. Tastes like a woody, pungent mushroom.

14. Noni fruit

A pungent fruit is known as a "vomit fruit" because of the intense odor. Tastes like a strong, bitter cheese.

15. Mangosteen

A fibrous fruit with citrus-like texture. Tastes sweet and tangy with caramel and grass notes.

16. Kinhason

An oyster-and-shell mixture that you boil. Tastes like escargot, without the fancy flavors.

17. Ugli Fruit

It's the literal hybrid of a grapefruit, orange, and tangerine. Tastes like a mix of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine, y'all!

18. Lion's mane mushroom

It's an edible mushroom. Tastes like shrimp or lobster with a lighter flavor.

19. Percebes, aka "goose barnacles"

Crustaceans found under rocks near large bodies of water. Tastes like a mix between scallop and shrimp.

20. Balut

A bird embryo, usually duck or chicken, that is boiled and eaten. Tastes like a soupy egg yolk.



Source: BuzzFeed

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