20 Wrong Bits Of Information We All Commonly Know!


There will always be some wrong information that spreads like a disease. We should always be skeptical of the news traveling through the grapevine. Here are 22 bits of information we all know to be wrong:

1. Evolution is not a theory.


Science says that a “theory” is not just an assumption but it is the sum of all data that was gathered thoroughly and methodically.

2. Chastity Belts were not made to prevent sex.


They were initially built in the 19th century to prevent people from masturbating.

3. Humans aren't evolved from monkeys.


We still have common ancestors with monkeys dating back 5-8 million years. Chimpanzees and bonobos are genetically very close to us.  We aren’t exactly their descendant.

4. Glass isn’t liquid; it is an amorph solid.


Amorph solids have an unstable crystallized structure of atoms.

5. Caffeine does not make you dehydrated.


The water in the coffee is enough to replace the amount of water you lose after coffee promotes urination.

6. Shaving does not make your beard any stronger or thicker.


It only makes them pointy thus more visible.

7. Hyperactivity has no relation with the amount of sugar consumed.


This was proven with an experiment done with kids who were diagnosed with ADHD. (Sugar is still bad for your health.)

8. Dropping a coin from a high altitude on someone's head won't kill them.


We aren’t saying that it won't hurt.

9. There are no clear differences between the right and left parts of out brain.


Both sides are capable of learning to do what the other part is usually assigned to do.

10. Alcohol doesn’t keep your body warm.


It only expands the veins that are near your skin, and this causes you to feel warm. In fact, this even lowers your body temperature.

11. We don’t use only 10% of our brain.


Although we might not use all of our brain at the same time, we use every part of our brain for different activities.

12. None of the religions say that hell is ruled by the devil.


If it exists, hell isn’t ruled by the devil. None of the holy books say such a thing.

13. Drinking milk won't make you secrete more mucus.


14. Water doesn’t boil quicker when you add salt.


This is only true for sea water.

15. Drinking alcohol once won't kill your brain cells.


However, drinking alcohol in the long run can.

16. Multiple personality disorder isn’t the same thing with schizophrenia.


These are two different types of psychosis.

17. Having sex prior to sports won't reduce your performance.


It might even enhance your muscle growth by secreting testosterone.

18. If you swallow gum it won't be there for more than a week.


You can't digest it so just throw it away as a whole.

19. There is no evidence of George Washington enjoying Marijuana.


We only know that he was making clothes and ropes with weed.

20. Black belt is given to people who have mastered the basic principles of Judo.


True masters of the sport don’t wear black belts.

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