20 Things We Should Learn From Dogs


Yes, you read that correctly. In order to become a better person, we should all learn these 20 things from our best friends, dogs!

1. Balance is important in life. Love, work, social life, money, friends…If you can’t balance all ofthese, you are bound to lose!

2. When raising their own child, all they care about is showing how much they love that cute little puppy. Awwwwwwh

3. Know when to say no!

4. Life is not just about work. Go out, have some fun!

5. You should be grateful…

6. Know your limits…

7. Show respect to others.

8. Leave all your prejudices behind!

9. Teamwork leads you to success.

10. Control your anger!

11. Know how to deal with the badasses.

12. Be open to change.

13. Learn to stand on your own!

14. Never lose hope, even in the most depressing situations.

15. It’s ok to be lazy at times.

16. Help others in need.

17. Know where to be and WHEN to be there.

18. Never leave anything unfinished.

19. There’s always a solution.

20. No matter what happens…SMILE!

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