20 Astonishing On-Flight Photos From Dutch Pilots!


These incredible pictures captured by pilot Christiaan van Heijst from the Netherlands, and his friend Daan Krans, reveal what pilots see from above. The scenes are amazing, with thunderstorms lighting up the insides of clouds, lightning streaking across the sky like cracks in a windscreen, the Northern Lights sweeping uninterrupted across the atmosphere and the galaxy stretching on forever.

Source: http://www.jpcvanheijst.com/

1. Clouds over the Sahara

Clouds over the vast and seemingly infinite Sahara. The red/orange glow of the enormous sand dunes and plains shines through the clouds every now and then, just to show off the contrast between the extreme drought down below, and the vast amount of water up in the sky above.

2. Rapidly growing thunderstorm

Flying somewhere between Beijing and Shanghai, pilots encountered a very active weather front with beautiful and very active thunderstorms. The cloud here seen on the left started to appear on the weather radar only a few minutes before and started to show off an amazing display of lightning that grew ever more intense.

3. Sandstorm over Qatar

A huge sandstorm, kicked up by strong winds, over Qatar.

4. Latacunga, Ecuador

The sun breaking through the clouds in Latacunga, Ecuador.

5. St Elmos Fire

Massive St Elmo's fire caused by the huge buildup of static around the airplane during a night flight over the Amazon.

6. Sunrise colors

Sunrise over the Chinese Sea with the most beautiful colors and clouds.

7. Thunderstorm over Minnesota

A huge thunderstorm cumulonimbus cloud over the state of Minnesota in the United States.  The storm is so strong that its sucking up all the air from the ground and thrusts it into the upper atmosphere, as you can see as well here while most clouds are drawn towards the center of the cloud.

8. Thunderstorms at night

A huge show of thunderstorms at night, illuminated by the moon.

9. Shadow in the clouds

The 747 leaves a beautiful shadow in the clouds below, including a beautiful and strong halo around the cockpit.

10. Low visibility takeoff

Takeoff in low visibility conditions as seen from the cockpit of the 747.

11. Northern Lights from the cockpit

Heading for an arch of Northern Lights, as seen from the flightdeck of the Boeing 747.

12. An office with a view

Cockpit view with a strong show of Northern Lights outside.

13. Northern Lights before sunrise

A light show of Northern Lights while the sun is slowly illuminating the sky in the East, with a view over the 747-400 wing and engines.

14. North Pole

A strong show of Northern Lights over the North Pole and being reflected in the Arctic ice below... such a beautiful sight...

15. Tunnel through the clouds

Navigating a way through the major thunderstorms over Europe.

16. Palm Island

Palm Island and the Burj al Arab in Dubai, UAE.

17. Moonlight over the clouds

A bright full moon over the clouds below.

18. Milky way over Calcutta

The Milky way as seen while flying over Calcutta.

19. Shooting star before sunrise

A bright shooting star while cruising over the Atlantic Ocean, while the sun slowly starts to illuminate the sky for another day.

20. Kyrgyzstan from above

The mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan as seen on a clear summer day.

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