19 Of The World’s Coolest Cities You Should Definitely Visit In 2017!


Traveling is kind of a meditation, along with many other benefits. It's the best cure for the problems and stresses in life.

So we compiled the coolest cities to see in 2017 for those who look forward to an escape!

19. Cape Town, South Africa

Being one of the three capitals of South Africa, Cape Town is definitely a must-see with its Table Mountain view.

18. Vancouver, Canada

Being one of the biggest cities in Canada, Vancouver is home to many people from different ethnic backgrounds. It’s a very cool cosmopolitan city with a bunch of social activities to do.

17. Stockholm, Sweden

The capital and biggest city in Sweden is a destination that is definitely worth seeing.

16. Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan and one of the coolest cities of the Far East.

15. Havana, Cuba

Being the capital of Cuba, Havana has its own unique style which makes it a very cool city to visit.

14. Sydney, Australia

Australia’s center of finance and culture, Sydney is somewhere you must make time to see.

13. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Home of the tango and romance..

12. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a cool country itself. Of course, the world’s northernmost capital Reykjavik, is also a cool place and a popular tourist destination.

The Northern Lights will be the bonus of your trip!

11. San Francisco, USA.

Even this view is enough to explain how fascinating the city is...

10. Shanghai, China

China’s finance and culture center, Shanghai, is one of the world’s coolest cities with its legendary nightlife and cosmopolitan structure.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of freedom, Amsterdam is pretty cool with its liberal vibe, canals, bicycles, famous nightlife, and amazing museums.

8. Hong Kong, China

Yes, China again, Hong Kong, one of the autonomous regions of China, is a very cool city that never sleeps with an enormous energy!

7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a unique destination where the sun, beach, nightlife, art, and architecture are all combined. A land of freedom.

6. Los Angeles, USA

Without a doubt, the word “cool” looks extremely good on LA.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

A city with a South American vibe in the middle of the Europe. An amazing city, the capital of Portugal: Lisbon.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

We just couldn’t imagine this list without Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen!

3. London, England

One of the first cities that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘cool cities.’

2. New York, USA

One of the greatest cities of the world: New York. The USA’s most crowded city is actually the definition of the word ‘cool.’ A must see.

1. Berlin, Germany.

Berlin is the right place to go if you really want to see a cool city. It’s specifically a temple for hipsters nowadays.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! Have a safe trip! ✈️

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