19 Mesmerizing GIFs That Show The True Beauty Of Math, Geometry, And Physics!


Math, geometry, or physics can be pretty tough, but they’re the languages of the universe, so we all should be able to understand them to some degree. Even if your profession has nothing to do with science, you can enjoy the true beauty of it with these amazing GIFs that explain complex formulas in a very easy and fun way!

1. The intersection points of the tangent lines of 3 circles on the same plane are always linear.

2. Area of a circle is rearranged as the area of a triangle.

3. Regular polygons.

4. Graphs of trigonometric functions.

5. Archimedes' principle.

6. Surface area of a sphere.

7. The geometry of banking a basket!

8. Radian

9. Surface area of a circle.

10. Pythagorean cup.

11. The crazy circle illusion.

The individual circles are moving in straight lines bisecting the larger circle, choreographed sequentially at equidistant arcs.

12. Progression of Pi digits.

13. An image that shows why the circumference/diameter are always equal to π.

14. Every corner of the triangle moves on a straight line.


15. Pythagorean theorem visualized.

16. The sum of the cubes of numbers from 1 to ‘n’ equals to half of the sum of the numbers from 1 to ‘n’.

17. Sine wave.

18. The length of the longest straight segment is always equal to the sum of the other two.

19. If you throw an arrow from one focus point of an ellipse, it always reaches to the other focus point.

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