18 Interesting But Little Known Facts From The Life Of Che Guevara


Ernesto Che Guevara... This legendary name is the definition of 'revolution,' 'socialism' and 'rebellion' for many. We decided to bring little-known facts about him to the surface, to honor the 49th anniversary of his passing. 

How well do you think you know Che?

1. Che Guevara's real name is Ernesto Guevara De La Serna Lynch.

2. The "Lynch" last name may surprise you since he was Irish on his father's side.

3. His nickname was 'Chancho' (pig) in school because he didn't like to shower a lot.

4. In contrast to what many people believe, he wasn't Cuban. He was Argentinian.

5. He became a doctor in 1953 after he completed his education. Leprosy was his specialty.

6. During the Cuban revolution, the country's literacy rate increased 36%.

When Che took over, education and training for teachers began. The labor force was directed towards the construction of new schools. In a very short time, the country's literacy rate was raised from 60% to 96%.

7. After the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro assigned himself as the Minister Of Finance.

Money with the signature of Che.

8. After the Cuban revolution, Che continued fighting for the revolutions of Bolivia and the Congo.

9. Che had 5 children; 1 from his first wife and 4 from his second wife.

10. Che enjoyed chess all his life. His love for chess started during his childhood years.

He loved joining chess tournaments.

11. Che, Fidel Castro, and Ernest Hemingway used to go fishing together.

12. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Che resigned from all of his duties.

When the USA placed nuclear missiles in Turkey and the Soviet Union in Cuba; a world crisis started. The world was threatened with the nuclear weapons of two big powers in October 1962. As a consequence, Che resigned from his duties because he was uncomfortable with Castro's policies. He also gave up his Cuban citizenship.

13. His United Nations talk in 1964 in New York was on the racism problem of the United States.

14. Che was a true explorer. Among the places he traveled were...

Egypt, Morocco, Myanmar, Thailand, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, North Korea, Eastern Germany, Hungary, France, Tanzania, Algeria, Ghana , Mali, Guinea, Congo and the American continent.

15. Che traveled the entire American continent with his motorcycle.

He published a book called The Motorcycle Diaries on the notes he took while ttraveling

16. Before his long motorcycle journey, he travelled to north of Argentina by bicycle in 1950.

Che's bicycle

17. Che Guevara's last words are said to be these:

 "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man."

18. According to the research by the Maryland Art Institute, this iconic image of Che is the most famous photo of all time.

The photo can easily be found on t-shirts, mugs and much more; all around the world...

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