17 Facts That Men Haven't Heard About Women's Daily Lives Until They Become Their Partner


Many men confessed that they learned new things when they started living with their partners or got married. We have compiled these confessions for you. If you are curious about our content, let's take you here...👇

1. "When I started living with my girlfriend, I didn't expect to be wearing my hoodies all the time."

2. "I saw my girlfriend in the shower one day when she was on her period. I never knew women bleed that much, and I was terrified that she was going die."

3. "You are losing your hair too much and still you are not bald."

4. "I didn't know that women are using too much toilet paper."

5. "How can you pee so pressurized?"

6. "My curly-haired girlfriend went around with straight hair for a year and no one knew her hair was actually curly."

"I've never been able to figure out how she mustered up the energy to make her hair every morning."

7. "Until I got married, I didn't expect bra prices to be this expensive."

8. "The throw pillows on the seats were carefully selected and cleaned regularly. I learned this from my wife."

9. "I thought that pad was something attached to the vagina, but it was attached to the underwear."

10. "I have no idea what they're using it for."

11. "She throws all the clothes wearing just one day in the laundry and gets crazy when I put my clean clothes next to them."

12. "I was shocked when I hear that you wiped your vagina every time you pee."

13. "I didn't know I misplaced the dishwasher until my girlfriend told me."

14. "Even when we're ready to leave the house, it takes us half an hour to leave as she checks out all the rooms."

15. "My girlfriend goes to the bathroom three times a day and poops in three seconds. It's at least half an hour for me to make and go out of the bathroom."

16. "Can anyone tell me how or why these cotton balls are used for and why they're everywhere in the bathroom?"

17. "How can you fart so loud and smelly?"

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