16 Things That Happen To Book Worms


Do you always look forward to getting back to your book? Can you not just pass by a book shop? Do you get sad when you finish a book? Is your favorite time the time you spend reading? I feel you bros and hoes.

1. You always say "One more chapter, and then I will sleep."

2. You smile when you remember a beautiful part of the book that you have read.

3. The book is always better than the movie.

4. You can read a book that you love over and over again, just because... You just don't get sick of it.

5. Unlike other people, reading doesn't make you sleepy.

6. You spend most of your money on books, and that's not an expense for you, but a vital investment.

7. You can cancel on anybody but not on your book.

8. You can fall for somebody just because he/she likes your favorite book.

9. Books are a more satisfying meal than anything else.

10. You lose yourself in the book shop that you have originally planned on spending only 5 minutes at.

11. When you see somebody reading a book outside, it attracts your attention and you try to see what they are reading.

12. An unfortunate event that takes place in the book can make you also feel sad for the day (or even days).


13. Your ideal holiday idea is reading and having coffee with no disturbances.

14. You have so many books that they have turned into a table or a stool.

15. You feel empty when you finish a book.

16. And lastly, the best trip is the one that you take with your book.

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