16 Every Day Hacks To Spark Up Your Imagination


If creativity is an important aspect your life and you never want to lose your imagination, we feel you. Without the art in our brain, the world would be a dull place. Here are 16 easy tips to spark up your imagination for all the inspirational people out there!💃

1. You can take a walk to revive intellectual skills!

Walks in nature or city can be useful for your mind. Especially long walks in nature acts like a refreshment for your mind...

2. Writing benefits your brain as much as walking.

The creativity feeling that writing with your own hands gives you, is also heightened by small details like the smell of new notebook or ink...

3. Strawberry, dark chocolate, and caffeine can help your brain wire more.

Foods like water, cherry, mulberry, eggplant, eggs, salmon and peanut butter can keep your brain cells young and strengthen your memory.

4. A little bit of alcohol or green tea helps you think out of the box and find unusual connections.

5. To be creative, your brain has to be free.

The reason why people lose their creativity as they age is related to increasing amount of responsibilities.

6. You shouldn't be afraid of getting bored.

We need those moments to dream when we want to create another world and be there instead....

7. Making fast decisions sparks up our imagination the most.

Fast decisions push the person to be creative. Time passes fast, don't be afraid to live it up!

8. Short naps in the daytime make you more creative for the rest of the day.

The right brain is the part where all the inspired thoughts originate.

9. Taking risks are the root of imagination.

Creative people constantly create new ideas. The hard part is to transfer these ideas into reality. Creating new things is all about taking the risk.

10. Believe in the power of daydreaming and dream to let your thoughts be free.

The act of imagining and dreaming things actively uses our brains.

11. Listen to music to get inspired!

Art always fires the creativity in humans.

12. Stop sitting up and enjoy laying down more.

Laying down pushes you to creative thinking. Plus it's awesome.  😎

13. If you feel like you can't concentrate on anything, meditate.

Meditation boosts reflection, variety, and helps you create new thoughts.

14. You can also play games to improve your imagination.

Video games that make you more energetic and positive offer the inventiveness you need in the most fun way possible. 🎮🤓

15. To become more visionary, look at blue and green regularly.

These two colors increase your conceptual thinking abilities, so you can accommodate them into your everyday life more.

16. Lastly, socialize!

Spend more time with people you love and trust. So you can be yourself and create things truly from your heart.

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