15 So Called ''Status'' Indicators That Society Impose On Us!


Basically, status is the respect and the place that someone earns within a society. This is usually based on someone's income, position, and education level. However, we began to determine status based on some indicators only related to income more and more and even worse, we have started to believe it. Here are some of them:



It is one of the most important decisions in life. For many people, it is a ''success'' in addition to a journey to take with someone special that takes effort. Unfortunately, there is a perception by a big part of society that ignores all the other achievements we have if we are not married. Especially, if you are older.

Or course: Owning a house.


It is a fact that owning a house is a sign of a good income. That is the reason why we work like crazy to buy a house or a car and incur debts. In fact, it would have been better if we cared about personal development, traveling, and learning rather than acquiring material things. Then we would have been happier.

Owning a car.


''Having a good car means power and prestige.''

One of the signs of a good income is having a good car. It is an especially unnecessary ambition for men. It is debatable how reasonable it is to take out a loan considering that every year there is a better car being launched. When we look at developed countries, we can see that a car is a need, so its marque has no meaning.

Having a car that runs on gas.


Considering the price of gasoline, it is as expensive as having the car itself. :)

Drinking coffee from a 3rd wave coffee shop.


Oh no, I can't start my day without my white chocolate mocha!

Real coffee lover, no offense, please. But since some coffee brands, having a coffee has become a trend rather than a need. It is really annoying to see pretentious people showing off with their coffee cups on social media. It is even worse that people see that as a status symbol.

Knowing people in a place.


Because it sounds like ordering by saying ''the usual'' to the bartender is really cool. It's really not if you think about it...

Brands of the mobile phones and laptops.


I guess we are all aware of this situation and how serious it gets. During these days, people only buy computers because of the brand itself rather than needed features. People feel a need to change their mobile phones every time there is a new model coming out.

The brand of the cigarettes.


It is a way of showing off when you put your pack of cigarette on the table. 

Even though it sounds stupid, considering smoking expenses are almost equal to house expenses, it is acceptable to take smoking as a status indicator. :)

Having a celebrity friend.


For some people, it is really important!!?

Speaking English.


Since English is a universal language now, it shouldn't be a privilege anymore.

Going to the gym.


Moreover, your gym style is an etiquette. That's why some gyms already have a fashion corner.

Living in the city central.


Night outs in posh clubs.


Expensive drinks just to be able to check-in and create a posh image on social media.

Having daily, random relationships.


It is very meaningless, especially for men to be proud of or to show off this superficial situation.

And of course: Avoiding public transportation.

Especially, for the ones who live in big cities with traffic jams. It is a way of torturing yourself to avoid taking public transit which takes you to your destination in 10 mins and driving a car for one hour instead. 

As a role model on this: Keanu Reeves. A celebrity with a high status.

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