15 Photos Showing The Dark Side of Mother Nature That’ll Creep The Hell Out Of You

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Nature has been affecting us deeply for centuries, from literature to painting. From science to medicine... This is exactly why we wanted to list the wildest photos of nature and animals that are both fascinating and terrifying. 🦁

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1. Horrifying cheetah that eats an impala lamb without batting an eye:


2. A lioness hunting stillborn zebra foal from the belly of its dead mother:


3. The Nile crocodile has the strongest recorded bite force among all existing animal species.


4. After many attempts, the leopard settles for a squirrel...


5. Even a single bite of Dofleinia Armata, one of the most venomous animals in the world, can take months to heal.

6. The poor fish suffers from hypoglycemic shock, which the cone snail releases...

7. Albino honey badger, first ever on record according to biologists:

8. A type of fungus that infects female black flies, takes over the nervous system of the fly and causes it to die. After the fly dies, these fungi secrete a kind of chemical for the male flies to mate with the dead fly.😱

9. Birth of a dolphin:

10. Zebra swallowed whole by a crocodile in Kenya.

11. This moray eel tried to swallow a pufferfish but...

12. Alienish giant squid found in New Zealand.

13. Have you ever seen a hairless bear before?

14. Anaconda that seems as if it is eating itself:

15. And finally, an Australian wildcat that hunts a kangaroo:

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