15 Most Brilliant Life Hacks To Simplify Your Life


We have compiled these super helpful life hacks that we think you must try.

1. Use a wine glass if you don’t have a fancy cup for chips and salsa.

2. Cover your clothes with trash bags when you’re packing or moving if you don’t want to take them off the hanger.

Easy to carry, easy to hang again.

3. Don’t want to do the dishes? Cover the bowl and plates with cling wrap.

4. When you have difficulty finding a place to dry your makeup brushes, use ponytail elastics to hang them like this.

5. Use your laundry baskets when you don’t want to make 15 trips to carry your grocery bags.

6. You don’t need to struggle while cutting potatoes. Just use your apple slicer!

7. Crayons can burn for 30 minutes in case of an emergency.

8. Use Pringles cans to store spaghetti noodles.

9. The phone’s flashlight is blinding you? Cover it with a plastic cup. Here’s your perfect night lamp!

10. Cover your fridge shelves with stretch wrap to keep them clean.

11. If you’re tired of fraying cables or just want to prevent cable damage, keep them together using a pen spring.

12. Use a hair clip to keep your cables tangle-free.

13. Here is the solution if you don’t know where to store pan lids.

14. Prevent your straw from falling into your drink by using a paper clip.

15. Finally a brutal hack: Carry an empty and a full packet of gum so you can say you don’t have any left when other people ask.

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