14 Of The Most Disturbing Documentaries From Netflix!


These documentaries will disturb and confuse you really bad.

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14. The Nightmare

Do you have any idea about what sleep paralysis is? From now on you will know, but you may never sleep again! In this documentary, people share their experiences about sleep paralysis and it is exemplified with some disturbing and frightening scenes. If you watch it, please make sure you are not alone!

13. Amanda Knox

Knox was accused by the murder of her roomie in Italy, and as the documentary finds, all evidence points to two possible theories: 

Is she completely innocent, or is she very manipulative killer? That's for you to decide!

12. Rats

You don't need to a horror movie, this documentary will freak you out! Do you know how close rats are to us and do you know that they can invade your house from the toilet? You can say goodbye to your peace of mind!

11. Casting JonBenet

JonBenet Ramsey's murder was one of the most talked cases, because the main suspects were from her own family. This documentary makes you feel like you are getting closer to solve the case but you will continually fail!

10. Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton

The documentary shows that Jim Carrey can get pretty freakin' dark. Jim and Andy gets the bottom of a very different side of the actor. For example, he transformed himself for one role, and he became that character in his real life even when he wasn't on set.

9. Blackfish

In the beginning, this documentary is about a story of Tilikum that involves in the deaths of three people while in captivity. Then goes on to show the suffering of these massive aquatic animals. It's really upsetting and you may never want to go Sea World again.

8. Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer

It is about a serial killer, Aileen Wuornos who says she killed seven men. While she worked as a sex worker, these men tried or succeeded to rape her. The doc gets to the depths of her mind in order to understand the motivations for her crimes.

7. The Devil and Father Amorth

The director, William Friedkin was always curious about exorcism. He always tried to capture exorcism outside of fiction. This time he shows the story of Father Amorth by documenting a live exorcism.

6. I Am Jane Doe

This documentary is about a group of young women who were turned into sex slaves through classified advertisements published on the newspaper. Then shows the horrors they face when they try to find justice.

5. The Bleeding Edge

Medical innovations haven't always led to perfect results. Sometimes implants can accidentally destroy your organs or tomographies can cause cancer. We warn you, if your stomach can handle some disturbing stories then you can watch this documentary.

4. Out of Thin Air

This documentary is about six people who are convicted for two strange murders. However, the bodies were never found, the confessions of criminals are enough to convict them. Forty years later, many rumours arise and now everyone confused about everything.

3. Holy Hell

Holy Hell shows a sect in California and Michel, its eccentric guru. It seems like a loving space for meditation, practicing yoga, hugging each other, swimming and working. But twenty years later, former members of the sect reveal very dark secrets about their leader.

2. Tyke Elephant Outlaw

In Honolulu, a circus elephant attacked and killed its trainer during a live show. Then escaped, strayed through the streets and terrifying the citizens. But this event create a very important conversation about animals in captivity and their desire for freedom. The doc is very disturbing but at the same time very touching.

1. Hostage to the Devil

Another documentary about a real exorcist, Malachi Martin who is a very important priest for the Vatican. The director creates this documentary by interviews with believers. For your information, Malachi is the one who inspired the story of The Exorcist.

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