14 Cute And Trapped Animals Rescued By People


Some people kick the cats they see in the streets and cause them to get run over by cars, while others put their own lives at risk to help them because they know they won't be able to sleep well at night if they don't.

1. They helped this gazelle that was stuck in a gate, then off she ran to her mother..


2. Fortunately, somebody helped our little fella that got stuck in a hole

3. When an elephant didn't realize how big it is and tried to fit into places it shouldn't...

4. Cities are not suitable for this small group

5. Luckily, somebody saw this adventurer that was stuck in the mud.

6. You are fortunate to be saved, but what were you doing there in the first place?! 😊

7. These ducklings were in trouble with the drain.


8. Someone else might have thought they were dangerous, but then again there are people that don't.

9. When it had just lost hope...


10. A duck that is in trouble again


11. They are also affected after disasters, even though the figures aren't in the news


12. Hang in there


13. It seems as though it is a routine to save the ducklings

14. That's how you save a dog together👊

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