13 Traditional Drinks Around The World You Should Try!


Every country has its own traditions when it comes to cooking. Like dishes, drinks too have different characteristics in various countries. Though we know the names of these countries, we are not familiar with their traditional drinks. Here's a brief introduction for you to get to know these well-known drinks around the world!🍷

1. Sangria ( Spain, Portugal )


Sangria takes its name from the Spanish word "sangre," which literally means blood. Sangria is known to have Spanish and Portuguese roots. It is consumed in Latin America widely. The ingredients can vary to personal taste. It is recommended that it is prepared with fruit that has a strong taste.

2. Glühwein ( Austria, Germany )

This mulled wine is a good solution to the coldest German nights! It is prepared with wine, sugar, cinnamon, lemon and cloves.

3. Pimm’s ( UK )


Pimm's is made with lemon, cucumber, peach and mint leaves. It is quite refreshing and tastes like iced tea.

4. Pisco Sour ( Peru, Chile )


Pisco Sour is the national drink of Chile and Peru. These two countries sometimes fight over the origins of this drink. It is served with cinnamon dust and egg white.

5. Fernet ( Argentina )


Fernet is an Argentinian drink which made from flower extracts, coke and ice. It is easy to digest and it gives you a refreshing energy boost.

6. Karnemelk ( Denmark )

Although Karnemelk looks like milk at first sight, it has a neutral taste. It is usually consumed during lunch in Denmark and Holland.

7. Club Mate ( Germany, Peru )

Club Mate is  a drink prepared from mate that is grown in Brazil. Club Mate contains tea and sugar. It can be consumed as an alternative to coffee as it contains caffeine.

8. Chicha ( Peru )

Chicha is an Incan drink that has been consumed for many years. It is a beer fermented from corn and sugar cane.

9. Bubble Tea ( Taiwan )

Bubble tea is a symbolic drink of Taiwan based on milked tea. It is prepared with tea, milk and tapioca pieces.

10. Hwachae ( Korea )

Hwachae is a traditional fruit cocktail indigenous to Korea. Hwachae is usually prepared from fruit and sugary drinks and served as a treat or dessert.

11. Kwak ( Belgium )


Kwak is served in these specially designed beer glasses. It is dark, mildly sweet and very foamy.

12. Limoncello ( Italy )


Limoncello is popular around the southern parts of the Italy. Traditionally Sorento lemons are used to prepare this liqueur. It is served ice cold in small glasses after meals to aid digestion.

13. Melon con Vino ( Chile )

A delicious drink prepared with white wine by using a melon as a bowl.

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