13 Things You Know If You Have Had An Unlucky Start In Life

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> 13 Things You Know If You Have Had An Unlucky Start In Life

The most unfortunate thing about life isn't ceasing to exist, but ceasing to fight and struggle.

Some of us are less unfortunate than others; we experience a lack of certain things and some of us have been fighting since our first day in this world.  Although our personal experiences differ, there are some mutual emotions we all know. Here are some of them:

1. You have strong will power.

2. Because life has never been generous to you and you have had to fight for everything.

3. You learned before others did that you have to keep on looking forward, and that if you focus on the past, you will be stuck there.

4. You have managed to stand tall despite everything you have been through.

And you have mostly done it alone.

5. Although you quit from time to time (because it is simply too much), you are strong enough to stand up again and continue walking.

6. Because the most important thing that keeps you going is hope.

And you know very well that losing hope means losing yourself and your way.

7. And that's the very reason why you appreciate and are happy with small things.

Because it is these small things that keep your hopes alive and make you feel grateful for what you have.

8. Even though you have been faced with lots of injustice, you never stop forgiving, trying to make things work and being humble.

All the injustice, disappointments, and struggle haven't made you colder, because you chose to be the opposite; because you know the most important thing is being a good person.

9. You aren't easily intimidated.

You have been coping with negative events since the beginning. You don't give up easily, either. You are well aware that you can fight with whatever life might throw in your way until the end.

10. Your best and most reliable friend in life is you, yourself.

After all the painful experiences, you have learned that you shouldn't trust anybody but yourself.

11. You do your best not to miss any opportunity that might present itself and you go all the way to make use of it.

Because most of the time, you haven't had a second chance, and you will not have one, either. That's why you don't risk anything.

12. You haven't had the traditional 'childhood'.

This might be the most painful fact. You had to mature early, so a part of you will always remain a child.

13. And in this tough fight you put up, you are always victorious as you never give up and always keep on going. Because you also know that, despite everything, this life that you have built with your very own hands, is more than worth living.