13 Sad Things You Went Through When You Weren't Allowed To Have A Pet :-(


You are full of love for animals but your parents never wanted a pet when you were growing up, right? We hear you and we feel for you! Here are some of the things you've been through.

1. Instead of a pet, you only received more and more excuses.

"Honey you know they can stink!"

Yeah right. Whatever…

2. Your reasons might have been legit. Unfortunately, you were not the who was in charge.

Respect my authoritah!

3. You didn’t have a pet in your house but you still did feed other animals you saw on the streets.

Mom don’t throw away those leftovers!!!

4. You always petted the stray animals.

You didn’t care about ‘No touching! Don’t you see it’s filthy

5. You wanted to bring all lone puppies to your house.

Then you kept thinking about what happened to that cute little puppy the rest of the day.

6. To shut you up, your parents brought a bird or a fish to home.

It’s nice to take care of other animals but we all know it’s not the same.

7. Your ongoing insisting would only get you a plush...

What you want (Left), what you get (Right).

8. All of your friends had pets. You didn't. :(

9. Your friends with cats or dogs suddenly turned into your BFFs.


Hey can I come over for a sleepover tonight?

10. You already had a name for your future pet.

11. Finally after waiting for all those years, you got one right after you moved out!

That was the happiest day of your life!

12. Seeing how happy it made you, your parents still regret their past decisions.

"Well maybe we could have gotten a small pup for you."

13. The most important thing is, your future children will be really lucky!

And you will create a lineage full of animal love. Good job!

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