13 Interesting Looking Fruits You Probably Haven't Heard About Before


Yes, there is a great variety of fruits and vegetables in the world. Some of them present themselves with their interesting looks and tastes.

We have compiled the most interesting fruits in the world whose names you have probably never heard!

1. Bael looks like a pear, don't you think so?


Bael is a kind of tree that is indigenous to India.

Indian people consider these trees sacred. The fruits of these trees are used in traditional medicine and can be consumed fresh or dried.

And it is said that the lemonade made of the fresh fruit is pretty delicious.

2. And here is breadfruit!


Breadfruit, which is also known for its resemblance to potato, is very rich in starch, which gives its name to it.

3. Cherimoya has a fruity or sweet ice-cream effect.


This fruit, which grows in Middle and Central America, is often used  in salads and is very rich in iron, phosphate, and protein.

4. We found the sister of tomato: cocona!


Cocona, which grows in South America, has a taste between lemon and tomato.

5. Do you think kiwano -horned melon- is sweet or sour?


It actually tastes like zucchini and cucumber. Kiwano, which is also known as horned melon, is oval and 4inches in diameter.

It looks yellow once it is ripe and has bumps on its orange shell.

The fruit is consumed fresh or as juice.

6. Jabuticaba is the only fruit that grows on tree trunks.

This fruit, which grows in Brazil and Argentina, is perfect for summer because of its refreshing effect. It is also known as tree grape in some regions. It's used to make jam, marmalade, and juice.

7. Duku is known for its resemblance to garlic.


The inner part of the fruit, which grows in South Asia, is bitter.

It is effective against colds and insect stings, and rich in fibers.

8. Mammee doesn't look very appetizing.


This fruit, which looks like an apricot, is also known as American apricot and is very popular in Jamaica!

9. Platonia surely looks as interesting as it sounds.


This fruit, which grows in the Amazon forests, is sweet and sour, and very rich in vitamin C.

10. Noni looks like mulberry, right?


It is a tropical fruit which grows around the Pacific Ocean. As it is enriched by volcanic minerals it has high levels of vitamins and minerals.

11. Star apple is known for its great smell.


This purple fruit, which is produced in Central America and India, has an intense taste. Its skin is sticky and it is very rich in antioxidants.

12. Marula is used for making liquor!


The oil of this fruit, which grows in Africa, is also known to be used for cosmetics production.

13. Safou, which looks like purple plum, is also known as butterfruit.


A good amount of oil can be extracted from this fruit, 47% of which consists of fat. When boiled in salty water, it takes a butter-like form and can be consumed on a slice of bread.

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