13 Annoying Things About Daily Life We All Go Through


There are so many things that bother us in our everyday life. Especially when we’re alone, we’re surrounded by those thoughts.  

Wish there was a stop button in our brains to immediately stop thinking about them… 😔

1. Getting up extremely early to go to work, plus the whole traffic jam.

Especially if you don’t like your job…

2. Or wishing that you had a job to go to in the morning.

3. Knowing that people who have less education than you are making much more money than you.

You respect the ones that give a real effort, but there are so many people who don't deserve where they are now, which drives you crazy.

4. Increasing amount of debts.

Even though you plan to reduce them every year.

5. You realize on your 30s that the things you dreamt of in your 20s are never going to happen.

6. Not studying enough for your upcoming exams and decreasing your GPA.

Or even failing for a year.

7. Feeling like a failure when you compare your life with others.

8. Realizing the fact that you actually don’t have the same mindset with the people around you, so you fake it.

Acting like someone else, the worst feeling ever.

9. When your crush rejects you and you realize that you don’t have any chances left with him/her.

10. Beating yourself up over past mistakes.

It’s been so many years, but you still can’t stop thinking about them.

11. Realizing the fact that the world is not fair, and it’s not a place where fair people live.

12. Loneliness. Feeling alone in a crowd.

13. And knowing the fact that life is transitory.

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