12 Mind-Bending Religions And Belief Systems You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Hundreds of religions and belief systems have found supporters in history. Some of them disappeared, some still have billions of followers. The majority of people follow Abrahamic religions, but there are so many minority groups that have kind of weird rules. Here are some of them.

1. Universe People or Cosmic People of Light Powers


This is a UFO Religion founded in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and centered on Ivo A. Benda. Followers believe that extraterrestrial beings telepathically contact Benda and other contactees like Benda. These beings travel around the Earth's orbit and will supposedly transport their followers into another dimension saving them from the Earth.

2. Church of Euthanasia


This organization has one hell of a motto: “Save the Planet Kill Yourself.” The church website states that it is a "non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring the balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth." the church promotes suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. Members do not kill people for eating purposes, but they may eat human corpses, especially fetuses. Reproduction is banned and sodomy – meaning any non-procreative sexual activity, replaces it. The church website also presents suicide tips.

3. Prince Philip Movement


People of Tanna Island located in the South Pacific Ocean see Prince Philip as God. It came about in 1974 when Prince Philip visited the Island and went on shaking the tribe leader's hand. Since then Yaohnanen people have been worshipping the man.

4. Oneida Community


The Oneida Community started off as a Perfectionist religious group in New York, then introduced new rules and practices among the community. Every member of the community married each other. Adult males were sexual mentors to adolescent girls, and adult females introduced young boys to sex. Procreation was allowed to a limit.

5. Aetherius


Another New Age, UFO religion that was founded in the 1950's. They believe in the existence of extraterrestrial Cosmic Masters. Aetherius' goal is to improve the spiritual caliber of the world and to prevent destruction by improving cooperation between humanity and the Masters. The purpose of leveling up human intelligence so that people would be able to

They believe that a messianic Next Master will descend upon Earth in a flying saucer. The membership numbers are in the thousands.

6. Scientology


One of the most popular and wealthiest religious movements. Church members include many celebrities. According to the Church, a galactic master sent thousands of spacemen to the Earth and burned them in a volcano. Their spirits are the causes of our pain. We can reach spiritual nirvana only if we can free these souls by praying.

7. Church of Maradona


This society worships the legendary footballer, Maradona. The members call themselves Diegorians. Maradona's birthday is celebrated as the beginning of New Year. The holy scripture is a biography of Maradona. They consider Maradona's trainers. 

They got the Hand of God thing all wrong, probably?

8. Church of the Creator

  • A racist hate group that only serves white people. They claim that the Creator is the white race. There is no afterlife, and the only immortality is the 'monumental White' genes. Followers are banned from social interaction with non-white people. The church disappeared after the imprisonment of its leader in 2003.

9. Raelism


This belief claims that eternal life is achievable only by genetic cloning and that the followers are descended from aliens. A journalist stated that free sexuality is promoted in this cult, it is similar to Harun Yahya's case. When the followers are together they are naked and there are no separate showers for men and women. Wealthy, old men and young, beautiful women blend in this cult, reflecting not-so-surprising habits. When a member asks for the leader's photo, he has to pay $6,238.

10. Aum Shinrikyo


Shoko Asahara founded this cult claiming that he could take away people's sins and bad practices and transfer them to spiritual energy. He said that a nuclear war would end in Armageddon and his followers would be saved from it.

The cult members attacked the Tokyo subway with sarin gas, killing 11 and poisoning 5,000 people. The cult was declared a terrorist organization.

11. Cao Dai or Caodaism


A monotheistic religion founded in Vietnam back in 1926. Their teachings allegedly come directly from God. They seek to achieve God by worship, dignifying ancestors, and vegetarianism. They also seek to avoid the cycle of birth-death. The followers believe that there was Tao before God which had no shape and no name. Tao was eternal. Then the Big Bang happened and created God. The sky has 36 levels, and there are 72 planets with intelligence. The first one is closest to the Earth whereas the 72nd is closest to the Hell. The Earth is the 68th level. This system has 2 to 3 million followers.

12. Nuwaubianism


Formed by the African-American Muslim community in New York, Nuwaubianism is mixed with Black nationalism, cryptozoology, and UFO religions and popular conspiracy theories. In 1967 Malaki York started this belief and declared himself the Messiah. Now he is serving time in prison for theft and child molestation, but he still has followers.

These are some of the rules:

  • To cremate bodies, so that they would not come back to the world.

  • Aborted fetuses will take control of the world.

  • The human race was stable but a meteor crashed into the world ruining the balance.

  • Every person has 7 clones in different parts of the world.

  • In order to be born a male, a person is born a woman several times.

  • The human race was formed as a result of the experiments done on Mars, and Nicola Tesla comes from Venus. (!)

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