12 "Humane" Moments to Test Your Love!

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> 12 "Humane" Moments to Test Your Love!

Love is good, the flying butterflies, lovely flowers... And the times trying to be perfect for your partner. 

''Inside beauty matters''...Well, not forever. However, if there is anyone who still thinks like that, we respect it. 

But the problem is that if you can't accept your partner with all these human situations and laugh at them after spending a long time with her, sorry but, there is a problem. 

I wish you all a partner that say's ''I love you'' after she removed the snot in your nose. Amen!

Crust in the eye!

Location: Place for breakfast

Time: Sunday Morning, January

Concept: Let's see how does she look in the daylight?

Sunday, funday! You left your bed for a nice breakfast. You look at your cup that says 'I'm not a morning person'' with an evil eye. Forget about it! You are here to have a nice breakfast with your beloved one. Here she comes! Your goddess. But what is that, a crust in her eye? No. Way. That's really a crust as she never washed her face. She looks in your eyes with love...and crust in her eyes. But you love her, you do, right?!

Smell of sweat

Location: Movie Theater

Time: Friday night, February

Concept: Warm indoors and nasty darkness

You decided to go to the cinema in order to avoid the cold. You got into the theater, took off your coat and had your seats. A weird smell is in the air. Smells bad..and she goes to the toilet all of a sudden by leaving the smell behind. The movie is 120 mins and the smell lasts forever. Well, good luck! The sun shines out of her, remember!?

Magnet Teeth

Location: A fast-food restaurant

Time: Sunday afternoon, March

Concept: Hunger

He didn't want onions in his wrap, fair enough. No one would love to ruin a perfect kiss with onion flavor breath. But, your teeth. I can see every piece of your food in an order as if you forgot to swallow and left them there instead. On the top of it, he constantly smiles. Should I tell him? Tell him that there is another piece of wrap on his teeth if he still feels hungry? What if he feels embarrassed? But, he might feel worse when he looks in the mirror. I just wanna run away...

Snotty Nosed

Location: Forest - Jogging

Time: Afternoon, April

Concept: Healthy life, nature sports

It is fresh out there, nature is embracing us, all the natural colors of the earth are shining. We are getting high off of the clean air. The view is an expensive painting. We are enjoying every second of our time. We are walking like there is no tomorrow. All of a sudden, we look at each other with passion and then I see a piece of snot in his nose. I want to deny, I want to unsee what I've seen.

Dirty Nails

Location: In a car

Time: Evening, May

Concept: Let me give you a ride

You dress up and show your makeup skills to look great to him. You get into the car, sit next to him. Your heart is about to explode. Then you can't help looking at his hands. Your eyes move as he moves his hands. You've never thought that the hands you look forward to holding would be your new fear. You barely think these days, anyways. His nails are full of 50 Shades of Grey. Don't you ever wash your hands? Maybe you should get him a nail clipper as a gift.

Ear Dirt

Location: A gig

Time: A summer night

Concept: A summer night dream

You love those lyrics. It is a great moment, you feel happy, your boyfriend is next to you, the weather is amazing, music touches your soul. Then, you accidentally look at your boyfriend's ear and you are dead! The lyrics you enjoy moments ago have a different meaning now. There is something in his ear. You want to ignore but it is unignorable. You are acting cool but it is killing you inside. Oops!

Lady Moustache

Location: A Mall

Time: Lunch break

Concept: Work work work!

You have been impatiently waiting to see your girlfriend since morning. You just saw her in the morning but you miss her even when you are with her. You finally found the one, lucky you. It's 12 pm. You will see her in a minute in the nearby mall. You are waiting for her in the terrace. Here she comes. Shining like a star. You fall more in love as she comes closer. She is here. You are holding her. She looks up to you (yes, you are tall). But what is that you are seeing? A mustache. Dark, long mustache! Your little fairy just looks like Super Mario now...

Bad Breath

Time: Evening drink.

Concept: You close first.

You met at a bar. He arrived early. You approached him to say hi. Oops, a bad smell. First, you ignore it. You started a nice chat, laughter is in the air, smiling, flirting. Then he moved his chair closer to you and now you are looking face to face. A door to hell just opened as he started to talk. You felt weird as you think that you spoke to him on the phone for 2 hours last night. Now, you want to beg him to stop talking. Baby, have you ever heard a thing called a toothbrush?


Location: The Seaside

Time: September

Concept: Come as you are.

Summer. I am sitting here, waiting for him to come. He just texted; ''I'll be there in 5 mins love.'' He just called me ''love!'' Here he comes, like a dream. He looks just awesome in dark clothes. I am so surprised by what I see, wishing that I hadn't seen. Is it winter already? His shoulders are snowy today. Why God, why?


Location: Theatre

Time: Thursday night, October

Concept: Art 

You are just off from work, rushing to the play that you bought tickets for months ago. You had a small lunch during lunch break so you are feeling hungry now. You are rushing. You don't have a second to get yourself a little snack. You couldn't run away from last minutes duty soldier! You made it to the place. The stairs are full of candles and you wonder why. The name of the play is ''Wedding'.' You are suspicious already. Anyways, the play started, you are watching carefully, the room is fully concentrated. Out of nowhere, you heard a sound effect that comes close to you. Did a couple of people look at you? Then another sound effect. It is your stomach. Hide it, pretend that it doesn't come from you. Smile at him. And the best of sound effect goes to...


Location: Pizza Place

Time: Tuesday evening, November

Concept: Unlimited pizza.

You ate the world. Then drank all the sodas one could digest. You stood up and here it is a master BURP! Once you start, you can't stop. You try to control it by closing your mouth with your hand. Burp is nice. Burp is cool. It never leaves you. Your boyfriend gets impressed by your confidence. But, you still need to stop at some point in order to avoid awkward silence that is ruined by a nice BURP!



Location: Gym

Time: Thursday evening - December

Concept: It's getting fit in here

You are a legend. You shine like a model amongst others who are fatty fatty in December. They are gossiping about you, they envy you. You walk by them like Bruce Willis. You are alone with them waiting for your sweet girlfriend. Here she comes down from the stairs. You want to show all your skills for her. You took the squat position, lifted the weights! You thought this would be unscented and quiet. WTF!  A small fart might frighten everyone away from you including your girlfriend. Trust me, you were cool in the beginning...