12 Encouraging Thoughts For Those Who Are Scared Of Traveling Alone

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> 12 Encouraging Thoughts For Those Who Are Scared Of Traveling Alone

The question I have most often heard during my trips was 'Aren't you afraid?' Fear was the last thing I felt during my solo trips or trips with friends. As a woman, my answer to this frequently directed question is 'NO!'

And here, I will tell you why you shouldn't be scared either. Traveling is too awesome of an experience to be skipped on false grounds.

1. You will have thousands of questions before hitting the road, but once you are on the road they are completely replaced by the excitement of the places you will see for the first time.


2. You witness new stories and new lives. You add more stories to your life accompanying other people's stories during the time you spend with them.

3. You first have to trust yourself. What you need to decide is not what others would do but what you will do. Hitting the road is the first step that shows you what you will do.

4. It doesn't take a rich person to go to and see new places.

A small budget you save up by yourself and your backpack is all you need to make it to wherever you want. Don't worry, you will meet lots of people who will help you.

5. You can't believe the amount of things you will learn while traveling. It beats any book in the world.

6. The excitement you feel will never wear off because the road is always full of surprises.

You might end up walking under the sun or rain for hours. You might end up starving but the breathtaking view you will lay your eyes on at the end will make you forget about it all.

7. You will share houses, cars, and meals with strangers.

The kind strangers will teach you life-long lessons about the importance of sharing. The fruit a nice old lady gives you in the village you are passing by will be the most delicious fruit you will have ever had. :)

8. Hundreds of smiling faces will be added to your mental album. These will even make you smile during times of trouble.

9. The road is the best teacher. You can't learn those things in any other way or in any other place. You will learn how to protect yourself and those around you.

10. Yes, sometimes you will come across annoying people but those exist in every area of our lives.

Don't let them beat you. Such things will only make you stronger and teach you how to differentiate between good and bad.

11. And sometimes your path might cross with bad people. Stay strong when that happens.

Make sure to take security measures in advance. However, if there is an emergency, you will learn to stay calm. If you want to avoid negative incidents, start early during the day. If you have someone around you that makes you feel good you will feel safer.

12. No matter what traveling will remind you that there are still good people out there.

Today, people barely trust each other but when you share a stranger's car good will makes you feel great. It will also remind these strangers that there are trustworthy people out there because you have decided to continue your journey with them.

Don't fear. Most people find the peace of seeing new places by hitting the road!