11 Massive GoT Plot Twists In The Hands Of Other Directors!


If Game of Thrones was directed by these guys, how different would it be? Have you ever wondered? Here are some hints for you…

1. Tim Burton

The name of the series would be ‘Game of Deaths,’ and Ned Stark would be played by Johnny Depp. But his death won’t be enough for Burton, so he’ll revive Ned Stark in the second season, creating a link between the dead and the living. We’d also be in for a real treat, in terms of costumes. The ultimate clash between undead Ned Stark’s revenge and the real world’s game of thrones would be displayed perfectly. We’d often see childhood memories of all the characters and then jump into imaginary worlds from there. With Catelyn Stark dying, Ned Stark would leave this world and start living with his wife in the undead world. Then you add Robb, and go back and forth between two worlds, and so on.

2. Emir Kusturica

The new series would be named ‘Game Time.’ This game won’t be about mind games, but instead, the real, folklore games. Each and every episode would be a musical, and all the gypsies in the story would really add more color. After a while, all the households will forget about the throne and do more to keep themselves entertained. At the end of season one, just when Joffrey was getting Ned executed, ‘Ederlezi Avela’ will touch even Joffrey’s heart and he’d cancel the execution. Afterwards, he’d organize a 40 day long feast and celebration with so much joy.

3. Quentin Tarantino

‘Kill Lannisters’ is the new series from Tarantino we have here. Cersei will be played by Uma Thurman, John Travolta would be Tywin and Ned will be Samuel L. Jackson. Every episode will include at least 10-15 minute long animations, and at least 100 liters of blood would be spilled. Even during the first season, the series will separate from being a game of thrones and become a serious revenge deal. Starks chasing their father’s revenge while Targaryens seek to settle the score from the past. Oberyn Martell, with his sister’s revenge, and Varys with his manhood’s revenge. Lots and lots of stories to watch for sure. The Narrow Sea will be The Sea of Blood by the second season, and Ned Stark’s execution would last at least a whole episode. Khaleesi’s dragons will have their separate series, called 'Dragons,' lasting at least two episodes, for sure.

4. Stanley Kubrick

The series would be named ‘A Clockwork Throne,’ and the end of every episode would be critiqued in the forums excessively. Everyone would have a different take from the series. Every subject, every character would be deeeeeeply examined, so a season would actually last 4 normal seasons. There would be much much more sex and violence, and since he is a photographer, we would see all the beauties of Westeros much more often.

5. Hayao Miyazaki

This new anime would be named ‘Gyokuza no gemu.’ We would have the option to watch the series as an anime and find us in so many unimaginable lands, exploring new worlds with solid characters. With the touch of Miyazaki, all the evil characters with their bad intentions would soften up, and even become like-able and cute. Judging from his past movies, we think the main character would be Arya Stark with all her cuteness, and her loving heart. We would be watching all the wars, fights and games that would evolve around Arya as the main focus.

6. Peter Jackson

The new series would be called ‘Brotherhood of Thrones.’ We would see Tyrion as the main character and  he would never be alone. Tyrion’s other "little people" friends would follow him in all of his journeys, and we might even see him form his own household, marching towards the throne to become the king. The series would be shot in New Zealand, and after the first season, the movie adaptation of the series would be in cinemas. He would add an old, white haired, wise wizard to the story, and he would lead a chosen household to victory. Battle scenes would be extraordinary and breathtaking. All the different houses would have different characteristics and warriors.

7. Woody Allen

We would be watching a new series called ‘The King and His Women,’ born from Allen’s expertise. All of the episodes would literally be filled with dialogue. No one would stop talking, and everyone would talk about a different problem. Khaleesi would be played by Scarlett Johansson, Oberyn will be Javier Bardem. All the actors would talk about their sexual problems, relationships with their sisters-in-law, childhood traumas, and being unimportant people, instead of their desire to sit on the throne. The characters we see in the first season would completely disappear by the time we get to season two but we would get all of them together again with no casualties until the very end. All the punishments would be nothing but funny moments.

8. Michael Haneke

‘Funny Game of Thrones’ would be Michael Haneke’s take on Game of Thrones. The main purpose of the series would be to annoy the viewer, and make you start questioning your life and mistakes. We would deeply examine each character’s psychology and have very different perspectives of their lives. There would be so many twists that we would easily accept Ned Stark’s death in a heartbeat. He would focus on the things running in the background. The Iron Bank’s history, for example. Or Tywin beating Cersei, back in the earlier days. Or, even the Hound’s vicious acts against Arya. For example, a slap on Shae’s face by Tyrion would be felt right on our own faces!

9. Christopher Nolan

Here, we have Christopher Nolan’s very own ‘Throneception.’ The series will start with the finale, move towards the middle, and as the beginning approaches, we will see the finale again, but this time with an unexpected twist. The atmosphere would always be moody, dark and give you chills. The series would go to places you never thought it could. All the characters would become different heroes, and Jamie Lannister would be played by Christian Bale. All these heroes will start their own legendary journeys. The special effects would be kept at minimum, with all the battle scenes shown as realistically as possible. With the end of every episode, you would stop and say ‘Well I’ll be damned!’ Oh, and all the episodes would be 40-minute-long mini movies.

10. Martin Scorsese

‘Gangs of Thrones’ under Martin Scorsese’s hands. Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro, and Al Pacino would be all over the place. We would watch a big budget, high-end series set in New York. Even though everyone would adore Gangs of Thrones, no TV critic would like it. He would tell the stories using characters he made from scratch, and the most unexpected characters would be in the spotlight with their big, big stories. Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei, Robb, and Jon would be replaced by some extra’s story. There would be a tough gang in the series, too!

11. Nuri Bilge Ceylan

The name of the series would just be ‘Throne…’ Tywin Lannister would be the director’s father. We would see an empty throne in the middle of nowhere and 8 different families trying to reach the throne, but not really finding the strength within themselves to do it. There would be 7 minutes of dialogue in a 40 minute episode, and we would constantly see winter, King’s Landing, Narrow Sea, and other natural wonders. We would see the pastoral portrait of the king wanting to leave everything and go away. We would also see the North, facing their problems within, along the way to avenge their lost king, along with a deep portrayal of Khaleesi’s feelings and more. Characters like Varys and Baelish would feel ashamed at the end of the series and face their mistakes. Lannisters would also deal with the tormenting inner pain of being so evil to others.

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