11 Interesting Facts About Cats Probably You've Never Heard Before!


We can all agree on the fact that cats are the quirkiest animals on this planet. How well do you understand your cats behavior? Here is your introduction to Cat Behavior 101.

1. When a cat blinks slowly, it means that she trusts you completely.

2. Cats purr:

1-To tell their mothers that they're all right when they're nursing.

2-To show friendliness and communicate pleasure.

3-To calm themselves when they're nervous or in pain.

3. Cats purr at a frequency of 26 Hertz, which promotes tissue regeneration, helping them heal.

4. Cats have adapted meowing as a way to communicate with humans.

Cats rarely meow to one another, and feral cars are mostly silent.

5. Cats rub against your leg or the same reason you give someone a hug.

6. Cats love boxes because:

1- Cats' stress levels decrease when there are places to hide.

2- Boxes are ideal places for stalking and lunging at prey.

3- Cardboard helps trap body heat.

7. Your cat grooms you as a way to show her affection and trust, like she would with littermates.

(Cats also like to taste the salt on your skin.)

8. Cats swallow and digest their food without chewing it.

9. A cat's sense of smell is even stronger than a dog's.

Cat's become infatuated with plastic because it smell like the food it has come in contact with previously, or the material is made from chemicals that are similar to cat pheromones.

10. Cats dream when they enter into a deep sleep just like humans do, though they prefer to nap.

11. Cats don't understand punishment like humans do.

To a cat, there's not clear correlation between her action and your reaction, though some say that positive reinforcement has better results on modyfiying cat behavior than pointing out their transgressions.

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