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17 Proof Showing Education At Hogwarts Actually Sucks!
We all want the best possible education for our children, and most of us try their best to make sure of it by prioritizing their children's educational expenses over everything else, including their own personal needs or wishes. So, the families who send their kids to the -so-called- best school of witchcraft and wizardry must have the same feelings and expectations. However, Hogwarts is actually a school many of you wouldn't like to send your kids to. Serious issues with the infrastructure and access, its educational quality is highly questionable. You might think they do their best with a limited budget and a few teachers, but maybe we should question why the ministry underfund the only school in the country? For a school providing education from primary school till the wizard equivalent of the university degree, it is saddening and unacceptable. It seems Voldemort was just terribly unlucky when he was defeated by a bunch of kids who learnt nothing but screaming 'expecto patronum' around. Ego is one hell of a drug!
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