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Are You Safe? Here Are The Zodiacs Of 12 Famous Serial Killers!
We all check our horoscopes to hear some good news and enlighten our mood, and usually some good premises are written in these columns. We should warn you in advance, this is not your regular horoscope that will tell you good news like you will find the love of life or you will buy a new car. Here is the list of serial killers and their character traits related with their zodiac.
13 Gloriously Beautiful Famous Women With 'Big' Noses
Beauty and charm. It's time for us to save these words from the so-called 'norms'. These pictures of celebrities will prove you that concept of beauty is nothing but something defined by humanity and it's subject to change. Let's just enjoy these charming women.
It's Not As Easy As You Think: 15 Facts About Being A "Centaur"
Centaur is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. They're always portrayed in movies or books as wise, kind and strong creatures with their six-pack absi making most people think it must be awesome to be a centaur. But is it? Let's objectively think together about what it's like to be a Centaur...
10 Serial Killers And Their Drawings Reflecting Their Psychology
Serial killers...The most evil creature that enjoys murdering innocent people. With their dark mind and heart  they are not afraid to do brutal things to others.Here are some of their drawings that they express themselves and help us to understand a bit their psychotic mindset.
20 False "Signals" Making Guys Think Girls Are Hot For Them!
Men are far behind than women when it comes to understanding the ‘signs. They not only miss obvious flirtations, but also can be extremely creative at interpreting “signs” that don’t actually exist. We compiled a list of the cases in which men say “I think she’s into me,” just to show you how ridiculous they can be when it comes to getting everything wrong. Women, especially, should read this carefully to avoid giving these poor beings any false hope.