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50 of the Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked
From past to present; top 50!There is no one who does not know about Marvel, which has its roots in 'Timely Comics' founded in 1939 and changed its name to 'Marvel Comics' in 1961, living its golden age since the '60s and still has an enormous audience on the big screen today. However, apart from the big screen, the comics, the real face of Marvel, are a completely different universe. And here are the 50 most powerful characters of the Marvel comics universe, whose foundation dates back to 1961!
10+ Best Feel-Good Series on Netflix That Will Cheer You Up
When we feel low, maybe the best thing to do is to watch TV series. Of course, it is very important that these serials are the ones that will bring us joy and will make us get it together. Let's talk about 12 dramas that will infuse you with the hormone of happiness when you feel unhappy.We are sure that you will find a suitable series for yourself among these productions!