World's Most Charming Grandma! Her Youthful Looks Will Blow Your Mind!


Grandmother of two is 47-years-old but looks surprisingly youthful!

Without a wrinkle in sight and with her keen eye for trends it is hard to believe that Zaklina is a grandmother.

She has two grandchildren despite her youthful looks.

Zaklina doesn't look a day over 25 but in reality she is a 47-year-old grandmother but that does not stop her to share her life in social media.

Zaklina has amassed more than 457,000 followers on her Instagram account!

She is originally from Serbia and she goes by the name 'realfashionist' on social media!

Her stylish snaps sparks everyone's interest...

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of models decades years her junior.

She currently lives in one of Europe's fashion hubs, Italy.

She says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries like Switzerland, France and Poland.

The grandma said her favourite things to do, apart from blogging, is 'hanging out' with her unnamed 28-year-old daughter.

She said her main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side!

Also, with every picture she shares, she uses the hashtag #grandmotherthatlovesfashion and it shows how she prouds of her family.

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