What NOT To Do In 15 Countries? A Complete No No List!


As one might expect, each country on this planet have different local traditions and common rules. It's easy to break those rules, when you have no idea that those conventions exist.

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? If your answer is YES, you have to check out this list!

1. Russia: Don't give an even number of flowers as a gift.

Russians bring even number of flowers only to memorial services or funerals. A proper bouquet for a happy occasion will consist an uneven number of flowers.

2. Chile: Don't eat anything with your fingers.

Manners matter in this country.

3. Singapore: Be careful with fines.

It's prohibited to feed birds, spit and throw any trash onto the street, or eat on public transportation.

4. India: Don't kiss in public.

This particular can get you put in jail. No physical contact with people of the opposite sex is allowed.

5. Japan: No Tips. It's not acceptable here.

No hugging in public, as well.

6. Mexico: Don't take things too personally.

Mexicans love making jokes and never miss a chance to do so.

7. New Zealand: Don't mix up "Aussies" and "Kiwis".

You'll be definitely corrected.

Don't ever make jokes about rugby "The Lord of The Rings" or The Queen or the United Kingdom.

New Zealanders take these things seriously.

Don't be surprised if you see a lot of barefoot people.

8. Norway: Don't ask questions concerning church.

This may be taken for disrespect.  Many people here don't attend any church.

Don't expect any formalities.

Usually people talk informally and refer to each other by their first names.

9. Turkey: Don't give anyone the "OK" sign.

This is considered an obscene gesture.

Try not to drink much.

Being drunk in public is considered shameful here.

Don't blow your nose or pick your teeth, especially in a restaurant or a bar.

10. United Kingdom: Don't jump the queue.

People will judge you.

Don't ask people about how much they earn.

This is not a good topic for discussion.

Don't invite random people over.

Only invite people who are your close friends.

11. Ireland: Do not try to sound like Irishmen.

For Irish people there is no Irısh accent; they recognize and divide accents depending on the region of Ireland they come from.

Don't be cheap.

You shouldn't start a night bar-hopping if you don't have enough money to buy beers.

12. Germany: Don't use Nazi greeting gestures.

This is a crime and you can get punished accordingly.

Don't stare at people.

Only poorly educated and crazy people do that here.

Don't try to look overly friendly.

A regular German needs to take his time to get used to new people.

Don't congratulate anyone on their birthday before the day itself.

Germans get superstitious about that. They believe it's a bad sing and one can even die before the special date.

13. Kenya: Don't show disrespect for religion.

Most of the locals are very religious.

Be patient.

Nothing ever happens here according to schedule.

Don't talk about sex in mixed company.

Don't call anyone by his or her name if the person hasn't referred to you that way.

14. Malaysia: Never touch anyone's head.

Don't ever do the friendly tousle by running your fingers through one's hair, especially babies. It is considered to be the most sacred part of the body.

15. Korea: Use two hands when handing over money.

When handing things over to people, especially money, Koreans hand them over with tow hands. It's a sign of respect.

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