What Is Your Body Telling You When You Get Goosebumps?


You have experienced this at least once: Getting chills, or goosebumps. But have you ever wondered why? Here’s a scientific explanation…

1. It happens during very different conditions but the foundation is the same.


2. Actually, our hair may bristle frequently. If you take a little too long after a shower to cover yourself with a towel, it suddenly knocks on the door.


3. Or when you see a shadow in the dark, you feel your hair standing straight up.


4. These are really different conditions, so why does the same thing happen in different situations?


This can be explained by the physiology of senses.

5. This is a physiological reaction which we inherited from our primitive ancestors.


When we get cold, the fat tissue under the skin starts reacting. This reflex provided heat insulation for giant animals with fur. Right now, it is not that practical for us but it is still there.

6. When we get excited or scared, the same thing happens.


Owls fluff their feathers when they get scared. This happens because the owl wants to intimidate his potential attacker or hunter by appearing bigger.

7. Adrenaline is responsible for these types of reactions.


Adrenal glands cause diverse reactions and one of them is the tightening of the skin.

8. Adrenaline is secreted during stress, excitement, and other various emotions and this shows us the connection.


When you get goosebumps, it means that you are on the extreme side of things. If it happens too frequently, then you have a fast life!

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