True Emotions: 16 Heart-Warming Photos Of This Mother's Daughter And Dog!


It seems like this mother had a hard time trying to take photos of the bulldog dog named Mustang, who just joined her 3-year-old daughter Aayat and her family. But when we look at the works we have compiled from Boredpanda, it's worth every effort.

Let's see how this beautiful friendship started.


1. Aayat and Mustang have already discovered that they have fun together.

2. Mustang carefully listens to Aayat.

3. It's also natural for them to make small dining getaways together.

4. Because they grow up like siblings.

5. Even napping is beautiful together.

6. They learn words together.

7. When they go out in the garden Mustang never takes his eyes off Aayat.

8. It's as if he's being a big brother.

9. Their Christmas wish is to be together forever.

10. The sunlight and innocence look beautiful together.

11. Pure love.

12. 4 eyes waiting in curiosity.

13. They never lose their love for each other.

14. A paw and a hand together despite all the evil.

15. ''Should I just chew them?''

16. Story time... We hope you'll always be together!
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