Tinder Game Strong: 20+ Tinder Profiles You Will Definitely Swipe Right!


These Tinder bios are taking their humor and creativity to the next level and you will LOL!

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1. "F*ck the police?"

2. Her sense of humor definitely deserves appreciation!

3. She killing it just with the status.

4. Testicle 😂😂

5. Introvert Level 100

6. who typed the bio? Asking the real question!

7. It wasn't a joke!

8. Reasons to date me:

9. Can relate

10. I like my coffee the same way I like my boys, bitter and hot!

11. High stakes date!

12. Oh hi Mr.Steal-yo-girl!

13. Awesome attitude!

14. A brief presentation of the girl of your dreams!

15. Didn't see that coming!

16. Face: 10/10, Body: 8/10, Legs: 5/2

17. But will she cut them BEFORE or AFTER the date?

18. That, kids, is an awesome boyfriend.

19. LOL 😂


21. Anything is possible when you match this guy on Tinder!

22. Dying to meet you!

23. This could be us, but you playin!

24. So secret!

25. But did any of them get the job, or at least an interview??

26. That profile picture tho 😂

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