This Puppy Went Under Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Cartoon Character And People Are Pissed


A terrifying family in Russia was criticized heavily for putting their dog through surgery to look like the dog from The Mask. 'Unilad' brought the story to surface. Human selfishness just reached another level!

A family in Russia gave their dog plastic surgery to make it look like the dog from The Mask.

Marina Esmat's son was somehow surprised that Jack Russel pup's ears were growing flat instead of upwards.

The family watched Jim Carrey's movie The Mask and decided they wanted their puppy to have the same ears as the cartoon character 'Milo.'

The 37-year-old terrible woman then decided to take their pup to the vet to lower his ears in a painful operation.

What's more worrisome is that the decision seems very impulsive and selfish.

She told to Russian media:

"I would like the dog to have pups, but with the ears, we could not find a suitable mate. We also want to participate in competitions.And now everything is fine." 

Meaning the family not only tortured the dog but they did it to make him compete for it...

Surgeon Andrey Mezin:

"The owners appealed to the clinic with a request to lower the dog’s ears. We do not believe it is an appropriate operation but they insisted. Surgery was performed, in which the cartilage was damaged, resulting in standing ears now lying flat. The owner strongly insisted because she wanted to ‘show’ the dog. The dog is absolutely fine." 

The puppy is okay after his operation but we still can't shake off this cruelty.

The family should be ashamed of themselves!

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