This Designer Gives Grumpy Artworks A Smiley Makeover With FaceApp!


London-based designer Olly Gibbs visited museums but found classical art characters too serious. So he decided to use FaceApp to make them smile! Here are 13 artworks given a smiley makeover by Olly!

1. We take selfies almost every day.

2. But back in the day classical portrait paintings weren't that common...

3. ... and sometimes took months or even years to complete.

4. So when people got their portraits made, they took it seriously.

5. And nowhere is this more evident than in classical art galleries...

6. ... where you'd be hard-pressed to see anybody smiling.

7. Thanks to the technology of today, one guy was able to put the smiles on even the most serious faces!

8. Here’s Olly Gibbs from London, and his unusual works!

9. Olly visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and took his FaceApp-enabled smartphone with him.

10. For those who haven't tried it, the app can put a smile on almost any subject's frowning face...

11. ... and those unamused faces in the portrait gallery seemed like they sure needed some of that!

12. Now all of them are smiling thanks to these awesome edits which put a more positive spin on the classical art. 😂

13. We're smiling too! 😁

Thanks Olly!

Source: Bored Panda

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