There Is Always Hope: Britney's 25 Nostalgic Scandals


Our generation grew up with her; she has always been in front of the cameras, starting from her childhood.

She was one of the biggest stars of our time and her being a little "crazy" and supernatural has played a great role in her success.

Life is all about ups and downs, but if Britney survived these, there is always hope and we can survive anything as long as we are up for it!

Here are some nostalgic scandals of Britney!

1. She was only three when she went into showbiz. After many years, she said that her family had gone bankrupt during those times; which means that she was actually forced to work like a child worker.

2. When she was 17, her photos on the covers of magazines were criticized widely because "she was a minor, a child, who tried to look like a sexy woman."

3. It was also after many years that she confessed to having a boob job under her mom's supervision while she was still a minor.

4. When she announced that she was still a virgin in 2001, she was 19 years old. She said that she found the wait exciting.

However, many people opposed to her claims and said that it wasn't true.

5. She ended her 3-year relationship with Justin Timberlake by cheating on him with Colin Farrell in 2002. That's at least what the rumors say.

6. Again in 2002 later on, Justin Timberlake released the video of his song, Cry Me a River. The woman whose face we barely see in the video looks a hell a lot like Britney!

And the story of the video and the song was about betrayal, which confirmed the rumors about cheating.

7. Britney replied to Justin with her iconic song "Everytime" in 2003. Strangely enough, her fall also started after this video and the story of the video came true in a way.

8. The last scandal she got involved with in 2003 was the kiss she shared with Madonna on stage. It was almost a lesson she took from Madonna in "how to create scandals."

9. She had a surprise wedding with a childhood friend in 2004, while she was drunk. She must have sobered up later, because she filed for divorce after 55 hours!

She received a big reaction from the state for "not respecting the institution of marriage" and her one-night husband for "irresponsibly playing with his emotions."

10. She was able to squeeze in another marriage in 2004. She got married to her dancer, Kevin Federline only three months after they met. Kevin was married to someone else when they met, but left his 8-month pregnant wife for Britney.

11. They had two beautiful baby boys; however, they made it to the gossip column quite often during their short marriage. They broke up and made up constantly.

12. After they decided to get divorced in 2007, Britney's downfall started. She went to a hair dresser one day and told them that her hair extensions were hurting her and that she wanted to shave her hair off to get rid of them. When the hair dresser didn't agree to shave off the star's hair, she found some clippers and started doing it herself.

13. 2007 was rich in scandals. The bald Britney showed up at her husband's place to see her kids, and when he didn't agree to it, Britney had a nervous breakdown and started attacking the car with an umbrella.

14. At this point, her friends and family came for help. She was put in a clinic to receive psychiatric treatment.

15. Meanwhile, there was always news about her losing her mental stability. What is worse, some people called her a 'time bomb' and started betting on the day she would commit suicide.

16. And she finished her treatment and found herself in the loving arms of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Such a trio!

17. However, because of her new friends, she started having troubles with drugs and her ex husband filed for full custody of the children.

18. Her ex was also trying to get a nice sum of compensation from her. The hearings went on for a long time and the children's custody was given to the father.

19. She didn't give a damn about anyone or anything. She wore her wedding dress to go shopping.

20. She went on with her weird act. She randomly went to tattoo parlors and got strange tattoos.

21. After losing custody of her kids, the next step was rehab. She also came through with this. She was clean when she got out.

22. And her fans continued giving support by saying "Leave Britney alone" on social media. And they weren't wrong.

23. But what didn't kill her indeed made her stronger. She got a hold of herself and went back to her old days!

24. She started a relationship with her manager, Jason and earned the shared custody of her kids in 2009. She was not only clean, but also back to work.

25. The video 'Criminal' that she starred in with her boyfriend, Jason, was unfortunately released during the rebels and protests in London because of her gun and police theme. However, her work was scandalous, not her personal life anymore, which is awesome!

The lesson to be learned from the dramatic story of the princess: If she got over all of this, you can also pull through anything!
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